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Seek and Destroy
My Hands Massage Therapy Services
Sports Therapy
Got Knots??? No problemo for these killer hands of mine. For approximately 75 min there will be medium to deep pressure, elbow pressing, thumbs digging, hot rock smashing, man crying techniques to force your muscles to release. You will immediately feel looser than before you walked through my door. I promise not to tell anyone if you scream like a girl, I'll still respect you. BUT... if I don't find anything to destroy there's no need for all that angry massage business. The rest of the massage will be nice and far less torture like. Swedish massage techniques are usually used.
At My Hands Massage Therapy, I take extreme care to provide my clients with the highest and strongest quality services personalized for their unique needs. I take a maximum of three clients a day to insure my services are truly powerful and consistent. I say my massage is worth every penny because it is. Never go to someone with tired hands!

Your first session will includes a consultation so we can determine exactly what your needs are and I can give you an idea of how I will approach your session. After the massage we will go over tips and tricks to extend the life of your treatment, keep you stretched out, manage your pain, or I can nag you like a doctor about posture and stretching.

The length of a massage and the cost will depend on what it is you are looking for. I'm often asked, "What type of massage do you do?" or "What do you charge?" Do you need an overhaul or do you want light pressure? You you only need your neck and shoulders worked on or do they need a lot of work and you want a full body? I'll really only know how long it will take, and therefore cost, once you tell me what you need and want.

I provide several awesome Liz-ified techniques for my clients. I put them in order of my specialty with price ranges.

Runners, bikers, lifters, dancers, pretty much any activity that is repetitive ...
When using the same muscle groups they tend to tighten and adhere causing strain on attachments and strands of muscle refuse to expand. Your body finds a way to compensate and if you don't address the problem, BOOM, you've messed up something and now you're not what you used to be. Stretching can avoid these kind of issues IF you're stretching properly, doing the right stretches both before and after your mega awesome moves, doing them long enough, and pushing yourself to progress.
This massage includes manipulating tendons to increase your range of motion and promote flexibility. It helps strained muscles, aiding in the healing process, and loosens fascia for growth. Not gonna lie, it's kind of my favorite. I like making grown people cry! I swear I won't tell a soul. okay, it's not that bad.. However, it's incredibly effective. Some participation required.
Pain Management
Being in muscular pain stinks! I mean it really stinks! We're talking I-haven't-scooped-the-cat-box-in-a-week stinks. Allow me to roll up my sleeves and work my magic. This is a more focused massage aiming at your specific problems areas. I work to stretch out tight muscles, break down knots (trigger points), break up adhered muscles, or loosen up fascia. I also take aim at tendons where appropriate. With a real physical therapy approach and a massage feel, you get the best of both worlds.
HOT ROCKS! it's a nice touch to the unfortunate torture of pain management massage. However, I tell my clients you can get to FL by jet or Prius. So if you can't take deep pressure I can still help you. It just takes longer to get to FL in a Prius... Either way that gnawing/I can never get comfortable/I've had a headache for a week/I'm loosing my mind/I can't sleep pain is about to be worked out. God has given me a gift and I'm about to share it with you. 
prices as of 12/22/22: 30 min-$40, 45 min-$60, 60 min-$75, 90 min-$100 120 min-$130
My Hands Massage Therapy. 
Because a Day Without Pain is Worth it!
Swedish Massage
​This is thee most basic massage there is. Swedish massage combines several different types of pressure and movements, such as gliding, kneading, cupping, rolling, squeezing, pretty much whatever I feel like doing. I might even whack you with my Bongers (look it up). This massage is super relaxing, energizing, relieves muscle tension, and relaxing. I already said relaxing but seriously, soooo relaxing..
Speak up if you don't like what I'm doing! I am never offended and my goal is to give you the best massage possible. Communication is going to get you the biggest bang for your buck! 
Some pain is good. Pain that make you want to jump off the table is bad. Don't be a trooper and just take it. It may make things worse. 
Give me your time. My massages always run over on time (how awful) because doing a great job is more important than doing it in 60 min.
Ice will mitigate pain after a deep massage. I strongly suggest it if I dig in deep.
Oh my God, stretch. Like, stretch a lot. Just stretch. And don't cheat; feeeel the stretch.
Epsom salt will change your life. Its an inexpensive, relaxing, and most importantly eases joint and muscle aches and pains.
One session may not be enough. I'm only human and your muscles may have anti-massage powers. 
Even if it's not medon't give up on massage to ease your pain/find your zen/increase your body's power! I'm not for everyone.