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Oh man, not the "how much?" question. It's so hard to answer because I'm cheap. So, let's go with how messed up are you? what's your budget? What do you imagine when you think about getting a massage, full body or just railing away on your shoulders? Err, I mean gently working out your shoulder pain...
My prices range as wide as my talented little fingers. And massage isn't cheap! You will get what you pay for though- both in me and if you go somewhere on the cheap. Honestly, if you buy a discount massage, chances are you're going to get a discount massage.
The shortest duration I offer is 45 min for $55 and goes up to two hours for $130. In the past I have let one a hour massage go 120 min simply to check off everything a person has asked me to do. Unfortunately my body is not going to last if I continue on this path. 
As of February 1st, 2018 prices and options will adjust to reflect the services offered. We will work as a team to fix you without killing me😊 
Remember when you would go to a job interview and they would ask what you need to work on about yourself and you say "I'm a perfectionist and I work too hard." no, seriously, that's me! not kidding, that is my issue. It's ADD, I'll lay awake at night thinking about your neck and what I could have done better if only I had more time. Agh!!! No, you're nice, you wouldn't do that to me.