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"A job well done... Top-rated Massage"
Put my expertise to work for you. At My Hands Massage Therapy I am proud to have received the following recognition for my commitment to sports therapy, pain management, and relaxation for my clients as (what I consider) a premier provider of massage therapy.
"Liz is magnificent ... Best in town"
A wonderful massage and definitely worth every penny. I was like butter, totally melted. 
"I vote Liz the number one masseuse in the area"
I practice ti kwan do three times a week. At age 51 it's no easy task! I see Liz practically once a week to help keep me in tip top shape to keep going.
"My Hands Massage Therapy is the best place in town for a relaxing massage. Her hand are indeed talented!"
News and Reviews for My Hands Massage Therapy
"I disconnected from my body"
I didn't want to come back to reality I was so relaxed; I never wanted it to end. Worth every penny and more.
​Thank you to everyone who lets me post, what I would like to consider, words of blessing and praise (and encouragement to future clients to see me of course). 
Did you see what they called me? Not just awesome, super awesome!! Wowzers!! Now you have to come.
A doctor told me there was nothing left to do to ease my pain after my car accident. He was wrong. Liz is a life changer.
"Liz took away my pain"
"More than just a massage session"
I went in for back pain. Not only did she work out my issues, she took the time to tell me about ways to make the benefits of massage last longer. She also gave me tips on therapeutic things I can to to ease my pain in between treatments. And Liz is far more concerned about easing my pain than getting a massage done in 60 min.- we always go over on time. She really does care. 
"Thanks again Liz- your hands really are amazing! I think I found my next masseuse. I will definitely be back."
"Liz is amazing, I have many massages before, but she is by far the best massage therapist out there."
"Liz is outstanding! I have had major muscle knots and she has worked them out and I feel great! She listens and evaluates the issues and provides a relaxing and therapeutic massage. I highly recommend her."
"My legs haven't felt this good in years".
I'm a long distance runner. I thought I was stretching enough. I thought I was flexible. But once Liz got a hold of my legs for a Sports Tuneup... I can't believe how much better they feel! My legs definitely feel more powerful during a run.
Left feeling 110% better. Liz's techniques to loosen my legs beat any other massage therapist I've been to. Would recommend her to anyone, she's super awesome!
My shoulders and neck were a mess. I went in every other week for two visits and now I go in monthly for a 30 min tune-up. I've been able to go off my high blood pressure medication. I KNOW getting massages is the reason why. Thanks Liz  
"My prescriptions cost more."
"That was, like, literally the best massage I've ever had."